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The perfect pants for the green and everyday

The perfect trousers you’ll find at SPOON GOLF. Fits are developed with Italian pattern maker to achieve the perfect fit. Materials are carefully developed, because the founders of SPOON, Desi Götz and Harald Jacob are "quality freaks". Yarns must be fine and well twisted so that fabrics on the one hand “live long” and look “clean”. SPOON fans say „the pants can be turned inside out and put on, the workmanship is a perfection".
Golf pants for women should not only follow every movement, but also make you look good in shape. This is the only way to enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest

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Pants with contrast welt pockets

Product no.: 212W70.07-21-10

259.00 *

Relaxed bermuda shorts with press pleats

Product no.: 212W75.10-10-46

189.00 *

Long cargo skirt with decorative seam

Product no.: 212W80.30-10-10

249.00 *

Cozy jog pants with contrast color details

Product no.: 212W70.08-24-06

179.00 *

Elegant, silky-viscose pants with elastic waistband

Product no.: 212W70.65-14-18

229.00 *

Knee long bermuda shorts with contrast binding on side seam

Product no.: 212W75.02-28-06

229.00 *

Twin cord belt with metal fastener

Product no.: 212W90.01-00-16

49.00 *
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