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Finest cashmere from SPOON GOLF

The super soft Cashmere Sweater has become an essential position in the luxury collections of SPOON GOLF. Whether in the morning for golfing, traveling, or in the evening outside at dinner - the SPOON sweater works 24/7. It is not tight but rather relaxed and very soft and fluffy. Sporty elements such as stripes or inserts are always in very tonal colors, actually in line with the DNA of SPOON. „We love to combine bizarre and unusual colors, but always in same shades“, told by the owner „Desi Götz“. SPOON is always close to the raw material, therefore especially for cashmere the team selects only the highest quality and honest cashmere yarns directly from the manufacturer in Mongolia.

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Oversized Hoodie

Product no.: 214W30.01-15-20

229.00 *

Cash Pullover with Stand-Up Collar

Product no.: 214W40.01-70-06

439.00 *

Cash Pullover with High Collar

Product no.: 214W40.02-70-16

Duo-Colored Cash Pullover

Product no.: 214W40.11-80-16

299.00 *

Junky Cashmere Sweater

Product no.: 214W40.22-82-01

599.00 *

Oversized Round Neck Silk Cashmere

Product no.: 214W40.23-81-73

349.00 *

Cashmere Scarf

Product no.: 214W90.01-70-16

199.00 *

Cashmere Beanie

Product no.: 214W90.02-70-16

89.00 *

Statement Knit Sweater

Product no.: 214W40.05-70-93

439.00 *

Statement Knit Sweater

Product no.: 214W40.05-70-16

439.00 *

Knit Sweater with Stripes

Product no.: 214W40.10-70-11

439.00 *

Oversized Cash-Silk Knit Sweater

Product no.: 214W40.23-81-99

349.00 *
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