Shirts & Polos



The perfect polo shirt awaits you in the SPOON GOLF online shop.

In the SPOON online shop you will find the perfect polo for your unique golf experience or for everyday use. Stylish and easy going, but still with style as you would dress during your day.
Discover the large selection of our shirts & polos that have been developed for a high demand on quality and style. Our polos are mostly made with shirting collars and thus get the spoonish "preppy look", which you can hardly achieve with an ordinary polo shirt. SPOON focuses on natural and high-quality materials to underline its unique “look”.

Blouses & Dresses

Blouses & Dresses


Blouses and dresses in the SPOON GOLF online shop: sporty and feminine

SPOON blouses and dresses with a sporty and feminine twist are presented in our online shop. The SPOON blouses and dresses never fit tight but they are worn relaxed and often with overcut shoulders to make it look cool. All blouses have smart little details that you often only discover when you look a second time. Designers put very much attention to the fact that Poplin is never flat and shiny, but that it gets movement with special treatments. All products are thought through to the finest detail and created by the Italian design team and brought to perfection by skilled technicians from Germany - What a clever combination!

Knitwear & Cashmere



Finest cashmere from SPOON GOLF

The super soft Cashmere Sweater has become an essential position in the luxury collections of SPOON GOLF. Whether in the morning for golfing, traveling, or in the evening outside at dinner - the SPOON sweater works 24/7. It is not tight but rather relaxed and very soft and fluffy. Sporty elements such as stripes or inserts are always in very tonal colors, actually in line with the DNA of SPOON. „We love to combine bizarre and unusual colors, but always in same shades“, told by the owner „Desi Götz“. SPOON is always close to the raw material, therefore especially for cashmere the team selects only the highest quality and honest cashmere yarns directly from the manufacturer in Mongolia.

Pants & Skirts

Pants & Skirts


The perfect pants for the green and everyday

The perfect trousers you’ll find at SPOON GOLF. Fits are developed with Italian pattern maker to achieve the perfect fit. Materials are carefully developed, because the founders of SPOON, Desi Götz and Harald Jacob are "quality freaks". Yarns must be fine and well twisted so that fabrics on the one hand “live long” and look “clean”. SPOON fans say „the pants can be turned inside out and put on, the workmanship is a perfection".
Golf pants for women should not only follow every movement, but also make you look good in shape. This is the only way to enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest